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VISONIC for a secure way of life!

Visonic Group is an international developer and manufacturer of high-quality electronic security systems and components. They are dedicated to enhancing people's way of life by increasing their sense of security. Their easy-to-use and innovative home security systems and components and personal emergency response systems are vital parts of everyday family life for people of every age. By providing real-time connectivity between families, homes, property, care givers and community support networks, we empower people to pursue their daily lives with full confidence that the people and things they care most about are safe and comfortable. In institutional settings – hospitals, senior residential facilities, correctional institutions, etc. – their integrated solutions keep watch over critical equipment and people.  
Visonic's leadership in the development of security technology is made possible by the company's dedication to innovative R&D. Its numerous breakthroughs over the past years have resulted in 90 registered patents and 40 additional patent applications presently being examined.
Our innovative products are designed, developed and manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards and are produced under ISO 9001 quality management system certified procedures.