We are the experts at making Teknology easy! Would you buy a car without a steering wheel? Of course not, we give you that steering wheel for your system you have invested in.
From simple Infra Red remote systems to complex whole house control solutions incorporating lighting, air conditioning, home theatre, through house music systems, security cameras, alarm systems, irrigation, pool filtration, intercom and more all controlled at the touch of a button through your Iphone, Ipad, Ipod touch, wall mounted touch screen or Television.
Our control solutions will let you enjoy the lifestyle that modern technology offers without needing a science degree to make it all work.

It was 70 years ago that the Legrand group started its operations, endeavouring to reach out to its customers with simple innovative solutions. Today they are now the worlds largest wiring devices manufacturer with more than 150,000 products giving you the confidence that all Legrand products and systems you install will be of the highest quality and if your system ever needs expansion they will be there for your support. Legrand is helping meet the varied needs of professionals and end users across 180 countries.
A closer look shows you how Legrand is able to leverage its global knowledge base to customise it's offerings locally to provide end-to-end solutions across categories and sectors. You'll of course appreciate that Legrand has always been true to its tradition of continued innovation. To grow into a complete provider of electrical installations and information network applications. With smart ideas, sleek designs and sheer simplicity, based on its philosophy of "Listen, Design, Make, Support", Legrand aims to help you and every individual celebrate simpler and better quality of life.
Keeping close track of changing lifestyle, Legrand designs products with high value added content, combining with new technology, ergonomic, quality and most important is aesthetic appeal.

Legrands Products include

Home Automation control
Lighting Control
Emergency lighting
Multimedia Sockets
Door Entry Systems
Access control
Temperature Control


Innovation is the foundation of the project and product approach pursued by BTicino. Innovation has enabled the company to meet new challenges and often intuit - decisive requirements for the evolution of electric and domotics projects. Communication, distribution, and energy control have always been part of BTicino’s business approach and are distinguished in the following way.
Home Automation This area consists of all those products traditionally known as the "consumer series". The true symbols of this product area are the Living and Light series: including small furnishings elements, and genuine domotics equipment. Home Automation can also be viewed on a number of interfaces such as Bticino touch screens and ever iPhones as shown below.

Communication The field of video-intercommunication and telephony systems has always been renowned for its rapid evolution, in both technology and design. A real step ahead in the creation of a universe of new user-friendly objects.
Energy Distribution BTicino responds to environmental and structural changes with an integrated programme of products that are part of an "industrial" system, enabling the distribution and control of energy using a planned approach.

Bticinos Products include
Selection of innovative light switches and power points
Temperature Control
Multiroom audio Control
Lighting, Blind and Awning control
Security Systems
Door Entry Systems


Introducing g!, a family of products designed to provide more convenience, comfort and peace-of-mind than you ever thought possible. Personalized to fit your specific lifestyle, these solutions range from simple family room control to full whole-home entertainment and management - even remote monitoring of vacation homes. And think of the things you do to get ready in the morning: turn on the lights, check the weather and traffic reports, maybe even turn on the morning news. Do this and more from a touch screen, touch pad, iPod or iPad.

ELANs Products include
Touch controls
Multi-room controllers
Video systems